maandag 8 september 2014

Noortje Amite - Memories

When I was a little girl my mom used to have a big vegetable garden at the back of our apartment building, she would be there every day. I loved to be there and had my own corner with flowers and strawberries. Not many of those strawberries made it inside because I ate them all right away. I used to pretend there were fairies living in my little corner of the garden and had long conversations with them. 

Often my mom would let me pick the vegetables for the garden and then I ran outside with a wicker basket to pick them. My favorite vegetables are baby carrots and lettuce. Our neighbor had chickens and once a week I traded a basket filled with vegetables for a box of eggs. I like chickens but I don't like eggs, the eggwhite feels so weird in my mouth.

In the evening my dad would come home and I would sit in the windowsill next to his big chair and while he would stuff and smoke his pipe he would tell me the most wonderful adventure stories. I remember gazing out of the window to the stars and wondering what adventures I would go on in the future. Little did I know…..

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