vrijdag 19 september 2014

Noortje Amite, Adventure Dungarees

My dad always was a very adventurous guy and my mom very organized and strict. She always wanted me to wear pretty dresses and french braids. My dad took me to a seamstress who made me these adventure dungarees, he said they were necessary if you want go on adventures. 

He bought them for me because we would go on a big adventure as a family, I don't understand exactly why, but he told me that he and my mum would go first and when they had settled they would come back for me. I didn't agree off course and begged and nagged to go along, but my mom wouldn't give in, instead she even braided my hair again…….

I didn't know the lady who would take care of me, my mom told me she was called Lady Davenport and that she was a well known lady with a very very good reputation and that she would also take care of two other girls, named Thekla and Merry. I was very exited when the day finally came that my parents would leave and I would meet the new girls and hoped Lady Davenport was a nice as my mom told me. Boy oh boy, if she only knew how wrong she would be.

To be continued!

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