vrijdag 19 april 2013

Mitzi doll Rosa

On valentinesday I participated in a giveaway by Maria of Mariengold. To my big surprise I won the main prize: the mitzi e-book and a materialpackage with everything I would need to make my own Mitzi doll. I choose for the darkbrown Laib Yala skinfabric and the darkbrown mohair yarn.

I started working on him immediatly. It would be a him because my son requested a dark boy. It was such fun to work with a new pattern that is so different from my own pattern. I loved every stitch.

It started with the head that was shaped in a different way then my own but also had a very nice result.

Then the doll was finished and wearing some borrowed knitted items. But by now my daughter took a serious interest and my son lost interest. 
 So should it be a girl 
or a boy?

Amelie decided its a girl and her name is Rosa. She loves her to bits and is constantly changing her clothes and putting her to bed. 

Thank you so much Maria, for this opportunity. I recommend this ebook to everyone who asks me where to start when they want to make their own doll. Its brilliant for beginners but also for advanced dollmakers. 

Have a nice day! Wendy

vrijdag 5 april 2013

3 friendly dollmakers

Lana of Emily Moon dolls and Monika of VergissmeinnichtKuss dolls are two dollmakers that I admire mostly and that I consider very good friends. Lana lives in the USA and Monika live in Switzerland, how did we all meet? Through Facebook :-) Such a wonderfull way to meet other dollmakers and talk about and share techniques for making dolls. Lana and Monika already did a swap and recently I en Monika did a swap. I received a gorgeous Pippi and Monika received pretty Little Red.

I'm so happy to have such nice colleagues and friends, even though we never met in real life, perhaps some day.

dinsdag 2 april 2013